Test the actuality of pashminas to know the difference!

It is quite a regular affair to be faced with various types of pashminas, and getting the actual one from the horde of options that are present is quite a difficult feat! For those vendors who are hell-bent on getting their products sold, especially those that do not match up to standards of a true pashmina scarf.

With a variety of terms as Acrylic/ Wool/Viscose and Silk pashmina wrap being heard on the row, there arises a deep confusion regarding what actually pashminas are, and what makes it unique amongst others.

Pashminas – A heritage

For the uninitiated, pashmina comes from the word ‘pashm’ which is a special type of wool that is shed from the underbelly of specific ‘Chyangra’ species of Tibetan goat. Post the collection of hair, they are processed by hand by skilled craftsmen and the final look comes with their dyeing in cold flowing water.

Thus, the beauty is upheld given the unique style of its creation and presentation. Hence, in case you are planning on getting cheap pashmina wrap, that too within a minimal price of $10, it is truly in a great manner reducing the significance of a heritage that has been a part of Indian domain for centuries.

Actual price range of a pashmina wrap

‘’With beauty comes a price”. A close family member of mine got a pashmina shawl at an extremely affordable rate. It was quite a shock for me, given the extravagant prices that are generally associated with this product.

A further research in this zone led me to get an idea regarding what could be the actual prize associated with it, and how to get the best of pashminas at that range. Coming from the world famous Cashmere thread, this is a unique type of wool, where thread thickness generally ranges within 12-18 microns on an average. Now this depends on the exact area of obtaining of the thread.

In case of the goat’s neck, this thread range is generally within 12-14 microns, whereas, in case of underbelly hair, this ranges within 12-18 microns in terms of thickness. Thus, added to this, happens to be the creativity that is associated with production of this pashmina, the skill of the craftsmen and finally the actual pashmina product that is made out of it.

As per my research, apart from the quality it is the branding and final embroidery that has a huge role to play in case of any pashmina product.

How to determine quality of a real pashmina?

Since cashmere pashminas happen to be one of the most important products that a person can get for himself, it becomes extremely essential that no person is left in the wrong zone. A proper checking should be done, in regards to this product that help determine quality of that pashmina.

  • The quality of pashmina can be well determined by its softness. A true pashmina will have the capacity to pass via a wedding ring, as per their standards.
  • The best mode is by burning the cashmere pashmina. Since pashminas are derived from hair, hence, they give out smell of sulphuric acid. As this hair contains calcium, hence the hair that has been burnt will crumble into a powdery substance, when kept in cold for a certain time period.
  • An ideal way to differentiate true pashmina from that of a viscose type is that in case of such fake pashminas, there is no residue left post the burning stage, and no smell is generated. Thus, a true lover of pashmina can surely understand the difference.
  • The best part of pashmina is that, they are woven in loose manner that allow pulling off the threads. Hence, it lacks the sheen of a silken cloth!

Given the whole aspect of professionalism coming to the domain, it can be seen that in present times blending of cashmere and silk is the new trend. Generally 70% cashmere is blended with 30% silk to give a shiny look to the otherwise matte colour. Otherwise for a shiny scarf, a fifty-fifty combination works quite well.

However, an ideal ring pashmina or water pashmina is that which has only, one part of cashmere mixed with silken threads. Thus, a true seller of pashmina will ensure that you get the best, as depicted by reputed brands as Pashminas and Wraps.

At Pashminas and Wraps  you can find a great selection of  pashminas including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap.

So, check out the best for yourself!


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