Does a Pashmina cost $4000? Shocked! Find out the reasons

Are you the one like me who got shocked to know the price of a genuine pashmina shawl first time? Well, don’t be because a genuine quality pashmina costs really high. Pashmina is made from special quality wool which is derived from Kashmir that falls within the territory of Tibet. The term Pashmina means Pashm. The wool is basically fur of various Tibetan animals, especially goats.

However, pashmina scarfs and shawls are the combinations of both silk and cashmere that give them a smooth finishing. These shawls come in various combinations such as 80% of silk and 20% of pashmina, 60% of silk and 40% of pashmina, and 50% of silk and 50% of Pashmina.

Their prices range varies according to their quality. A fine quality pashmina scarf may cost you around $250 to $4000 as they have a higher percentage of pashmina. They are so soft and smooth that they can easily pass through a finger ring.

What are the most exclusive features of Pashmina?

Every pashmina scarf or pashmina wrap is known for their ultimate softness and warmth that you will not get anywhere else, especially those that come with a higher percentage of pashmina.

These scarves and shawls come with intricate embroidery work, stone work, beads, special metals and much more. They are also available in various shades of colour starting from the lighter shades – white pashmina, ivory pashmina, cream pashmina, beige pashmina extending to the darker shades of  a black pashmina, brown pashmina, silver pashmina  through to tropical prints and floral prints.

They are very lightweight and soft that make them quite popular throughout the world. Their glorious colour and handcrafted design make them a perfect match with any type of outfit.

These are the main features of pashminas that make them different from others. In today’s age, with the growing popularity cashmere pashmina, wraps, shawls and scarfs, many elegant and powerful women throughout the history have preferred using Pashminas. Whether you are preparing for a special ceremony or a big event, these pashmina scarfs adorn the beauty of every woman.

What are the things to keep in mind while using pashminas?

Well, everyone wants to keep their favourite item in best condition forever. Still, sometimes, we make certain mistakes that compel us to throw our favourite item out of our wardrobe hastily. In case of pashmina items also, the same thing applies.

• The most important concern in any type of cashmere shawl is its cleaning.

• To ensure its lifelong durability and softness, it is best to wash them in cold water by hand.

• Do not rub or put it in the washing machine to remove stains or dirt from it.

• The best way to clean a pashmina shawl is to wash them gently and hang it over a rod or on a flat surface for drying.

• To prevent your favourite shawl from the mould, you must wrap it in a metallic container.

Keeping these instructions in mind, you can maintain the quality of your pashmina for a long period and carry it as many times as you want.

At Pashminas and Wraps  you can find a great selection of  pashminas including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap not at $4000 but a more affordable price of £120.00.


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