Looking for a luxurious accessory? Check out a beaded pashmina shawl!

India, being one of the oldest countries has always been known for its unique creations and diverse creativity. From the northern valleys of the Kashmir, to the southern ranges of Nilgiris, each and every segment of India have their own stories.

Within this huge range of creativity, pashmina scarf is something unique which is specific to this subcontinent. Obtained from the Tibetan goats, specifically of the ‘chyangra’ variety, this fibre is hand woven to form a huge number of products such as pashmina stoles, scarves and shawls.

Pashmina shawl as a fashion statement

Previously, products associated with this fibre were strictly restricted to people of Kashmiri origin. However, with time, trading has resulted in a number of alterations and intermixing of products that finally result in the current shawl type that we are aware of. Hence, rather than merely weaving the matte product, this is mixed with silk fibres that makes it all the more shiny.

Hence, be it the wintry chill, or a casual wraparound, a pashmina wrap, stole or scarf is just perfect, be it being a blue pashmina, navy pashmina or turquoise pashmina!

Pashmina in fashion domain

How about checking out variety in a pashmina shawl? With time, pashmina products have become extremely fashionable, with a series of sophistications being associated with it, the addition of beads within the fringes of this product is one of the other aspects.

These beads are mostly made of jute and ivory; whereas, a number of other products such as ivory, crystal wood and glass make for a great choice! Generally, these beads are found at fringes of the product and are made of hand tied tussles.

The beauty of these beaded pashmina products rest in their elegance that is evident within them. On a general note, pashmina products that are mixed with silk, has its unique glaze. Added to this, those light beads at the bottom, make it look just pristine.

So next time when you are visiting India, make sure to pick one up as a souvenir. Or with a wide number of online sites available, make sure to order an ideal pashmina shawl.

At Pashminas and Wraps  you can find a great selection of  pashminas including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap.


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