Pashmina for mother of the bride: A classic solution to a trendy accessory!

So finally you have been able to convince her regarding the man of your dreams? Is your wedding day just round the corner? Well, it’s time to make sure your mum is taken care of with a pashmina for mother of the bride.

With that day being extremely special for her daughter, onus is surely on that lady who is giving away her daughter, to enjoy that special moment and look her gorgeous best.

Nothing could make that day better than a wrapping of the gown with pashmina.

The beauty of cashmere pashmina rests in the fact that it enhances the loveliness of almost every dress that one wears. Given the age constraints of bride’s mother, a pashmina wrap is that ideal accessory that she can sport on her daughter’s D-day!

What makes pashmina wrap an ideal choice for the bride’s mother?

Unlike other wraps that are usually sported by ladies, beauty of a pashmina scarf rests in the fact that quality of material and colour context added to it, all seem to enhance the inherent style of that person.

What is most important to note is that, bride’s mother being of a certain age and holding a certain position in that family, any accessory that is chosen for her should adhere to those aspects. In such a scenario, a gracious cashmere pashmina shawl or pashmina wrap could actually bring in that delicate spark in her wedding gown.

With winter weddings in UK being new trend, clearly, getting a pashmina for mother of the bride is a great idea in that respect too.

Ways to wrap the pashmina for mother of the bride

Speaking on a general note, a pashmina can be styled in a variety of ways. However, when it comes to bride’s mother, there has to be a certain sense of dignity and style that is to be maintained.

Hence, it is imperative that while a plethora of styles are available, certain specific styles be tried out.

As a traditional wrap

Have you ever thought how beautiful that lilac pashmina or beige pashmina would look for the mother of the bride? The pashmina can be taken up from backside and hung it from the arms.

It should be noted that this shawl should have equal length hanging from each side of the body. However, it should not be wrapped very tightly, since that would spoil the look. For mother of the bride, this is just the perfect way to drape it!

One shoulder wrap

Well, is bride’s mother wearing an off shoulder gown in white? How about adding a classic touch to it? Just drop a gold pashmina on one side, or take the loose ends and tie it up.

As the mother of bride, it helps for the colour to be different that that of her bride (typically an ivory pashmina or white pashmina) but still in keeping with the wedding theme. In case you wish to check out other options, wedding colours as scarlet, ivory blue, crimson and peach bring in that equal elegance to that look.

So, done with your wedding trousseau? Finally bought the pashmina for mother of the bride? Make her try it out once as you try pashminas for yourself from our bridal shawl collection!

At Pashminas and Wraps  you can find a great selection of pashminas for mother of the bride including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap.


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