Perfect Style Guide with Bridesmaid Pashmina Scarf to Look Beautiful

Is your best friend about to get married and is completely freaked out? This is a normal scenario for every wedding. It’s the most important day for a bride, or one can even call it to be ‘bride’s day.’ If you are the ‘best woman’ at her wedding, it’s time to take some responsibilities. If not anything, make all the girls standing for her look stunning. You can easily do it with a perfect bridesmaid pashmina scarf.

What is a pashmina scarf?

A finely weaved cashmere pashmina scarf. The word ‘pashmina’ means ‘soft gold’ (in Kashmiri) and also looks like one. It does nothing less than adding sheer elegance to any piece of dressing or clothing.

Creative ways to use bridesmaid pashmina scarf

If you want to get a ‘style gang of bridesmaid’ who not only looks beautiful but also will add glamor to the wedding day, pashmina scarf is the key for it.


Whilst the bride typically has the choice of one of two colours for her bridal shawl, the bridesmaids have a whole range and variety of colours available for the bridesmaid pashmina scarf. This will help in choosing the one colour that will complement the dresses most. You can also use a contrasting shade and wear matching shoes with it.

Wear a little vibrant colour dress and take a scarf that matches with bride’s ivory wedding gown.

You can make the young girls look like ‘little angels’ by wrapping pashmina wrap on them in a poncho style.

The bridesmaids can wear brooches along with a pashmina scarf.


Choose the colour of the pashmina shawl according to wedding theme. The UK is known for its sense of elegance which can be seen mostly during weddings. There is always a regal touch in everything they wear and Cashmere is one of the most known royal elements in world.

Choose colours which will add romance or magic to the theme. For that, you can choose from shades of rose red, peach, crimson, gold, pink, scarlet, beige, ivory and lilac. These will not be just any other colour; they are ‘wedding colours.’ Our most popular bridesmaid pashminas are:

Match the flowers with the scarfs. Imagine how dreamy it will look when bridesmaid pashmina scarf matches the bunch flower they will be holding.

Makeup and accessories

With something as elegant and beautiful as pashmina, you don’t have to spend a fortune on any other thing. All you have to do is just drape the beauty around the bridesmaids and leave the rest on the wrap. But there are few things that can be done:

Pair your pashmina with small drop earrings and you are good to go.

One thing that can be done is match the lipstick and nail paint with scarf colour. This looks really beautiful.

Take a small hand clutch or hand pouch in bloom pattern and see the magic it does.

Style is something that one doesn’t have to follow; they can create it too. This is exactly what one should do for a wedding. Make every dress look gorgeous by adding cashmere touch to it. Form a beautiful bridesmaid pashmina scarf gang.

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