Blue Pashminas To Chase Away The Blues

A blue pashmina to chase away the blues

Blue beats blues!  No, here you are not being encouraged to wear a blue gown with a blue stiletto, a blue purse and blue pashmina shawl. This would be a disaster instead of complementation. With every single colour having its own significance, blue is most often considered as a cold hue. However, not exactly! a blue pashmina has a variety of its shades emitting different emotions, just take a look here at the popular blue shades available –

With other blue pashminas shades including

  • Moonlight blue
  • Light blue
  • Alice blue
  • Plus a lot, lot more

If used in the wrong way, in incorrect contrasts, certainly it will appear to be a cold colour. But otherwise, it’s a tone of confidence, loyalty and of course magnificence. You can wipe away melancholy with it.

Coming to fashion!

In fashion world, the concept of matching is a story of the past; it’s all about contrasts now. With a blue gown and blue accessories, you would only look a patchwork of colours clashing together. The trick is to use it, maintaining perfect harmony. What’s the solution then?

Try out blue pashmina – A more luxurious yet multipurpose accessory. Go for a scarf or shawl made of the lush cashmere wool of the Himalayan goat. You can make a contrast with other colours like pink, black or beige. Make sure, rest of the accessories that you pick are of these colours and certainly not blue. However, if you want to experiment with this royal colour only, contrast it with its other shades.

An exception with black and blue pashmina

Wondering what’s the exception with black and blue? Rather ask, what’s the common factor between them! Well, both demonstrate elegance and power. And for them, picking up black coloured accessories are right choices. You can confidently wear black Jewellery, black purse and shoes, etc.

Now, draping that pashmina shawl would add further sophistication to your appearance. You can easily experiment with different styles of wearing a pashmina scarf or shawl. As clearly it will show, not only you are aware of the latest trends in the fashion world, but also can create your own style statement. The benefit with a blue pashmina wrap is that you can confidently wear it with anything, anywhere – with a pair of casual jeans and t-shirt or a gorgeous party attire for the evening.

Pashmina also comes with a number of other colours apart from black and blue. You can pick, white, red, purple, pink, golden, silver and more. White is a wonderful one that would go with most dresses in your wardrobe.

Additional info on blue pashmina

If you choose blue as the colour, it’s better to go for a darker shade than a lighter one. When you pick for particular blue coloured attire, go for a contrasting tone. If it’s a dark blue gown, choose a light shaded pashmina shawl or scarf. Similarly, for a light turquoise dress, go for a darker tone of it.

At Pashminas & Wraps you can find a great selection of the colour blue including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap all perfect for daytime or evening events.

The bottom line is to wear the right contrast. So, this time, beat the fashion blues with blue pashmina!


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