Purple Pashminas For A Bright Accent

A Purple Pashmina for a Bright Accent

Want to rev up your dull wardrobe a bit? Or do you want to be the centre of attention on a night out? Then get a purple pashmina to add to your style quotient. The colour purple, known as the royal colour, is great at uplifting any mood as it adds a dash of colour to your boring wardrobe. Moreover, it compliments any clothe that you wear and when paired with the right colours, can make you look fabulous. Don’t worry! You don’t need to change your entire wardrobe to wear this versatile piece; a pashmina goes with almost everything and comes in a range of shades and tones that aren’t just your typical colour when you think of the colour purple. Great examples can be found here:

A colour for all occasions

Be it casual, work or a formal event, a purple pashmina is suitable for all occasions and with all kinds of clothes. Love your jeans and tops and tees? No worries, team up your purple pashmina sweater with it and jazz up your simple attire. You can fling it over your shoulders to add a casual touch or tie it around your waist. You can even add a purple pashmina scarf to team up with your jeans, tops and coat.

However, if you are worried about wearing purple to work, then you got nothing to worry about. It is a colour deeply suited for formal affairs and work. Wear a purple pashmina cardigan to your office and simply look your attractive but professional self. Pair it with a black dress or suit and simply enhance your attire. You can also use a purple pashmina shawl to wear at your office during a cold winter.

For an evening out, if you want to grab eyeballs and yet look chic, then purple is the answer. Pair it with a blue dress or an ochre dress if you want to attract someone’s attention. Based on the occasion, choose your purple pashmina clothes. If it’s a casual one, then opt for a purple cardigan or sweater to complement your jeans. However, if you are looking at a date, then go for a shawl or a scarf or even a cardigan to complement your dress.

Be it work or a fun evening, this royal colour is suitable for all occasions. Available in the form of pashmina scarf, cardigan, sweater or even a simple shawl, this particular colour enhances your wardrobe subtly and imparts a chic look to your outfit.

Get a clue from the celebrities!

That it is the colour of the season is very evident from the purple outfits that the celebrities are sporting. Take a cue from the White House as nobody works the purple pashmina wrap better than Michele Obama. Be it an inauguration or any other soiree, purple has been worn by many celebrities to catch the eye of all photographers and emerge as royal and beautiful as ever.

So boost your self-confidence by looking good in a purple pashmina. A colour for all, this particular piece can be worn to anything and with anything to look as regal as the hue itself! Don’t just look beautiful but jazz up your wardrobe as well by adding this colour into your life!

At Pashminas & Wraps you can find a great selection of the colour purple including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap all perfect for any event.


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