Creating Moods Through Colour… What Colour Shawl to Wear with a Brown Dress?

What Colour Shawl to Wear with a Brown Dress? Create Moods through Colour

Everyone wants to look good and especially, if it’s some occasion, anyone would want to steal the spotlight. While black and red are the colours which people flock to in order to look their best, one colour which is left out a lot is brown. Brown is one underestimated colour which is not only classy but is the most versatile colour, after black. But because of its earthy tone, many people avoid a brown dress and are clueless when it comes to pairing it with other colours.

Shawl: a versatile piece of accessory

Get a pashmina shawl to go with your brown dress. A shawl not only keeps your arms warm and protects you from the cold, but is also a versatile piece of clothing. When thinking about a brown dress, think about warm, vibrant colours. Grab attention of the onlookers by creating a contrast pairing a navy pashmina shawl with that brown dress of yours and look fabulous! You can also use other colours like an olive green pashmina or even a teal pashmina to go with your brown dress.

However, if you are not ready for the spotlight yet, then you might want to think about subtle colours. Since it is a neutral colour, go for its own colour code like an orange pashmina or simply opt for a beige pashmina shawl.

Experiment a bit with these colours till you get the right look that you want. Pair the khaki dress with a navy pashmina or with burnt orange. You can even opt for a mustard yellow pashmina wrap to pair it with. Get acquainted with the monochrome trend by pairing the two shades of brown together.

Dress for the occasion

Don’t choose your navy pashmina based on the colour but on the occasion as well.

If you are attending a formal black and tie event, then you might want to stow away that navy pashmina scarf for that brown dress. You would want a look that is chic and subtle. So avoid all bright colours and don’t try to be too creative while pairing.

At Pashminas & Wraps you can find a great selection to match a brown dress including the cashmere pashmina, cashmere shawlcashmere scarf and cashmere wrap all perfect for any occassion.

For parties, you can be creative and add a bit pizzazz to your look by pairing it with both warm and cool colour tones.  Be as creative as you like but do not make a blunder by being too creative.  So go ahead and make your choices wisely and be the best dressed one in the party!


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