When To Wear A Pashmina Shawl And In Which Colour?

Pashmina Shawls – When to wear them and which colour?

What’s wrong? Isn’t there anything new to wear? Bored with that same old wardrobe collection? Well, here’s an idea! If you seriously want to change your whole look with one single accessory, nothing can be as best as a black pashmina shawl. Be it for a friend’s birthday or an office party, a cashmere pashmina shawl is perfect for complimenting any outfit, anywhere. The material has its own elegance and value; you just have to make sure the proper style and colour is going with it.

Why shawls rather than a good set of clothes?

Look! You can always buy good sets of clothes, however, that will only be another addition to your wardrobe. But with a pashmina shawl, that would be something actually ‘new’.

Moreover, it is an extremely versatile accessory. Apart from providing with the best of warmth during winter days, shawls can always give you, from a street look to a corporate honcho appearance. In case you want, you can always cover your upper body with it. So, basically it is a multi-purpose product.    

What to wear and when?

Who doesn’t want to be a head turner? And you are no exception for sure. But for that perfect styling, you must know what to wear and when. Suppose you are going to a cocktail party and you prefer to wear a short pink dress. A grey cashmere pashmina would be a wonderful contrast.

Not just this, but for any party that you attend, a shawl of fine Chyangra pashmina cashmere wool would add a definition to your elegance. The best part is you can wear it in many different styles, perfectly breaking a monotonous look.

Again; going for shopping with friends? Drape a black pashmina around your waist and keep the two ends hanging loosely like a belt style. That’s a very street-girl yet matured look. The shawl can also be folded and tied around the neck like a scarf to keep you warmer, adding a class and sophistication.

For instance, you are wearing a dark blue skirt with silver belt. Wear a light shaded top and drape a black coloured pashmina scarf around your neck. Nothing can beat to the elegance it would bring.

How about being a bit adventurous?

Sounds interesting, isn’t that? Well, get hold of a crocheted shawl to add some more variation. It is short in length but long enough to hide your mysterious straps. However, engraving makes the back and shoulder imprecisely visible.    

Otherwise, a pashmina is always there for you. Choosing the right colour with a particular outfit is a trick you need to play carefully. As well as black, a white pashmina, grey pashmina or purple pashmina are considered to be classic hues. Each of this has its own significance; while white emits purity and innocence, grey signifies soberness. Purple is the hue of royalty, dignity and grandeur; black demonstrates mystery, power and elegance.

Today for their multiple uses and importance, shawls have become the first love of every young girl. Giving you some choices you can certainly experiment:           

  • Grey shawl with white chiffon tops
  • Purple shawl (dotted) with ball gown
  • Black pashmina shawl with white top and grey cardigan

A white cashmere shawl goes with everything in your wardrobe; silver makes you look smarter. It’s not about merely appearing different; it’s all about creating your own vogue!  Pashminas & Wraps your first choice in choosing pashmina shawls.  


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