3 Different Pashmina Wedding Favours For Guests

3 best types of pashmina wedding favours for guests

Are you about to take the wedding vows soon? If yes, this means you are going through ‘I am freaking out’ phase now. While you are taking care of the décor and arrangements and your wedding dress and bridal shawl are already sorted, here is one thing you may have forgotten about on your big day; thank you gifts for your guests. Pashmina wedding favours can enhance the elegance in UK weddings by matching up to the classy wedding legacy.

Pashmina means ‘made from wool’ and in Persian, it means ‘soft gold.’ Both meanings are completely apt to describe its texture and feel. Hair or wool from cashmere goats is weaved to perfection to form a cashmere pashmina. Gifting this rare fiber to the guests would be the best idea.

3 Different types of pashmina wedding favours

Whoever arrives at your wedding to shower blessings deserves to get a small gift to cherish that day. Pashminas and Wraps offers three different types of pashminas and the best colours to suit the texture.

If you are talking about international style and texture infused in a perfectly weaved cashmere shawl, it is an Italian pashmina.

  • The fringed end looks better on this.
  • Colours that look best: Bright colours would look best on this texture. Lemon and amber yellow, bubblegum pink, scarlet red, baby blue, teal, fern, olive and light green, cream, beige, gold and white would make good picks.
  • Ways to wear it:
  • Hang loose on shoulder
  • Single loose knot around neck
  • Side cross turns around neck
  • How to gift wrap it? Fold the beautiful cashmere wrap and tie them with a bow individually. Add a thank you note on it.

For wedding shawls, this is best. It looks amazing, feels soft and at the same time, it costs lesser than the other types. It is weaved with 30% silk and 70% cashmere wool. Due to this, fringed end will look best.

  • Colours to choose from: As silk is added to a cashmere scarf, the finish is a bit shiny. Colours that will hype its texture are; ivory, cream, gold, lilac, mint green, begonia pink, turquoise and silver.
  • Ways to wear it:
  • Vintage wrap
  • Knotted shawl
  • Rolled loop
  • The best way to gift wrap: Because silk is infused in the cashmere, it is best to gift it either in a gift bag or box which is easily available in the market.

If you are on the ‘expensive’ side of wedding budget, then mesmerise your guest with pure cashmere wedding wraps. They are best regarding quality, texture and look wise as well. The feel of this material is unmatchable.

  • Both fringed and tussle end suits its look.
  • Colours that look best on these: Every colour looks great on a pure pashmina. Be it bold, light, matte or shiny colours; all looks equally attractive. One should gift it according to the wedding theme. Like, for outdoor beach wedding, it should be blue, white or pearl colour; for an outdoor spring wedding, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple look best.
  • How to gift wrap it: Just roll them and keep them in a basket. Let the guests choose for themselves.

Now, with this extensive knowledge and ideas on pashmina wedding favours, make your special day grander and memorable for everyone. Hope your marriage will be filled with more of happiness. God Bless!


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