Retain The Shine Of Your Pashmina

Pashmina – How to take the best care of them to retain their shine forever

It is believed that pashmina is wool from heaven; and why not?  Pashmina goats live more than 5000 meters above the sea level. Pashmina is not only a symbol of elegance but also considered the most precious textile in the world because of its warmth, softness, and delicacy.

However, when we all are talking about its quality and delicacy, how can we avoid its cleaning and care? Well, with adequate care, a cashmere pashmina shawl can retain its shine and beauty for many years. Women who have this accessory must consider reading its cleaning process seriously because washing it wrongly may damage the fabric and shine of the shawl. After all, these are all delicate products and should be treated with proper care and attention.

Although, you can opt for a professional cleaning service to do this task, but will you be happy to entrust this task to someone else? If not, then check out these steps. Hope these cleaning tips will help you to retain the shine and beauty of your pashmina shawl.

Steps to follow for cleaning Pashmina shawls

To clean your pashmina scarf at home, you don’t need to be a fashion expert. All you need is to follow proper ways of cleaning them. There is also no need to buy any special type of detergent or liquid to wash it off. Hair shampoo or any mild detergent can do that task efficiently because a cashmere pashmina is a natural fibre. Using any harsh detergent or bleach may ruin the quality of goat hair or fade away its shine.

Lighter coloured pashminas including a white pashmina or ivory pashmina and even a cream pashmina may result in you following these instructions more often than if you have a black pashmina or navy pashmina for example, but not to worry, as these instructions will help to get any marks out while still maintaining the quality of the cashmere shawl fibres 🙂

  • To start, take a bucket full of lukewarm water and dissolve the shampoo. Put your shawl into the bucket and leave it for five minutes. After that, start washing it with hand. You can use hair conditioner while rinsing. It will add a soft feel to it.
  • To remove water, do not twist or squeeze it. This may ruin the fibre of the shawl.
  • To dry, lay it off on a clean surface or just hang it from an iron rod. Make sure, the place where you are going to keep it dry should not be exposed to sunlight directly. Choose a shaded area to dry your shawl.
  • When you become sure that your Pashmina shawl is completely dry, ready to store, you must check out the storage area properly. It should be free from damp, sunlight, and dust. Otherwise, after few days, you may find that your favourite pashmina shawl is eaten by moths.
  • To avoid such kind of situation, wrap your Pashmina carefully in a tissue paper and cover it with a plastic bag. Manage a plastic container, specifically ideal for storage. Put your precious pashmina inside it along naphthalene balls that keep moths away.

In addition to it, avoid using pashmina wrap or scarf regularly. It is understandable why you would like to use it every day, but remember, since it is a very delicate item, you must withstand overuse. Follow these tips above and keep your favourite accessory in the best condition to retain its shine forever.


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