Gifts For Her – Buy A Pashmina – A Man’s Guide

Pashmina: Elegant gifts for her to bring happiness

When it comes to thinking about something special as gifts for her it gets very difficult to choose. This is a problem faced my everyman. But thank god, I have a friend who recommended me to buy Pashmina! This timeless beauty of a cashmere shawl will always be appreciated by everyone. She told me, how every girl loves pashmina for it’s elegant appearance, majestic feel and sheer comfort.

Another good thing about that I got to know about pashmina is that, it can never go wrong. Yes, no matter with what you are wearing, or how you are wearing – Pashminas can fit in with any attire. But there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a pashmina especially for her. So if you want to gift something that women will love, read on to know the key to choosing a perfect pashmina as a gift.

8 things to keep in mind while choosing pashmina as gifts for her

There are few factors that need to mention so that the gift you will buy is perfect. Whatever the occasion, cheer your ladylove up by giving a great gift – a Pashmina.

Here are the factors that you need to keep in mind:

Type of pashmina

There are varieties of material for pashminas that give different effects and looks.  They are:

Soft Italian pashmina –

A high-quality Italian pashmina scarf with a super soft feel and touch. It has a smooth texture along with superior warming quality. This looks perfect with any daytime outfit.

Silk infused pashmina

These are handmade cashmere wool scarf with silk in it. It gives a superior feeling both look as well as feel wise. These are made up of 70% cashmere wool and 30% silk. This is why it has a shiny appearance and is perfect for any occasions and especially for the use of a wedding pashmina.

Pure cashmere pashmina –

These are the softest one, made up of 100% chyangra cashmere wool. It is very light and easy to carry, also provides a lot of warmth. Pure cashmere pashmina is one of the best gifts for her and this is my favorite too.

Occasion –

Pashminas are available in a variety of colors. So if you are planning it to gift it for a particular occasion, choose the color accordingly, like:

For weddings –

If you are getting it for the bride, then you can go for ivory, with our wedding shawls being the sort after bridal shawl for brides. For bridesmaid, choose from the shades of lilac, purple and reds etc

For date –

Make your first date special and gift something that will be memorable. For this, the color should also be of either your or hers choice. But there are few suggestions white, blue, gold, silver, dusky pink blush, baby blue, etc.

For prom night –

One should give an Italian touch pashmina on prom night as this material texture will complement the prom dresses most. Now, instead of flowers, get a pashmina as gifts for her. Choose colors like lemon yellow, coral, bubblegum pink, plum, etc.

For birthday –

Birthdays are very special, especially if you are from the UK. When you are planning to get some gifts for her, choose pure pashmina. The soft cashmere scarf will brighten their very special day. Go for colors like mauve, amber, gold, crimson red, etc.

For Christmas –

It’s that time of the year when snow is most loved. Winters make the season extremely Christmassy and you can take the degree of enjoyment to a higher level with the perfect pashmina gift.

For Valentine’s day –

Everyone loves valentine’s day. On this day with your gifts for her, show how much you love her with beautiful cashmere scarf.


Yes, you can get the scarf in different lengths. So keeping in mind the ongoing trend, one should buy pashmina accordingly. But why is length so important? The length will help you to determine different styles that one can do. Example: A shoulder wrap, back knot, wrapping around the neck.

Comfort and style

Usually wearing pullovers and cardigans can get a bit monotonous. But pashminas are like freshness in your wardrobe which you need to take care of fashion statement particularly. The best part about cashmere wool is it is breathable and is gentle on skin.

The next step of gift: To wrap properly

Choosing and buying gifts for her is one thing, the next step is gift wrapping. Very interestingly, girls judge a gift by seeing the cover. So that you top that too, here are some creative wrapping ideas for pashmina gifts for her. Pashmina being one of the softest materials, a lot can be done with it, without making it go bad. Here are some of the wrapping ideas that I have tried and trust me it works wonderfully!

Cloth origami

If cuteness and craft are what your girl likes, then you should totally go for this style of wrapping the gift. There are different things that can be made like Swan, boat, flower, butterfly, etc.

Like a scroll

Yes, it looks extremely interesting. Roll it and put a ribbon on it. Make sure the ribbon is prettily decked up either with a self pattern or can be off popping color. You can also attach a handwritten note on the ribbon. It is just to add that extra touch.

In a basket

Baskets are always adorning. You can do a lot with baskets. Put the cashmere shawl in the basket along with some other gifts for her like perfume bottles, chocolates, notes, etc.

In a handmade box

There is nothing better that creativity. Make a box and decorate it. Put the pashmina inside the box and send it as a gift. This will be like a bundle of sheer happiness!

DIY gift bags

When planning for proper gifts for her, plan it properly. Add your own touch to make everything a bit more special. This is absolutely interesting, and one would completely love the idea of making a DIY bag for a very elegant pashmina shawl. I have tried this and it worked wonderfully!

So, if you want to appreciate the effort of your lady, then it should be something absolutely special. Every day they plan to make you happy and sometimes they deserve acknowledgement. This is why; gifts for her should be as special as she is. Pashmina has the reputation of depicting beauty in a perfect manner and so there can be nothing better than a beautiful cashmere pashmina wrapped around her body! Now with my suggestions buy the perfect cashmere for her.


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