The Dimensions Of Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawl at the Best of its Dimensions

The usage of shawls has grown as a necessity for few and as an accessory for many others. The usage of a cashmere shawl has been quite common among people all over the world. In ancient time, people’s purpose on each of the shawls, stoles, and the scarves were different and unique. The cashmere scarf is the smallest of all. The stole is a bit bigger than a scarf and the cashmere shawl is the biggest of all. A scarf can be wide by a foot and long by more than a few feet. A cloth which measures more than this does not fall into the category of a scarf. But today, there is no great difference between each of the shawl, stole, and scarf. They all look the same but with varying purposes.

Of all these shawls, a pashmina shawl is very special. It could be because of their texture and the fine spinning done in vibrant colours. Pashmina is the name of the wool that is obtained from a particular breed of a goat found in the Himalayan region. The wool is very fragile but becomes tough when it is mixed and woven with silk and other materials. The mixed materials leave a glossy finish on the pashminas.

The Origin of Pashminas

Pashmina was made originally for the Tibetans. The Tibetan region was brutally cold and caused hypothermia for few. The abnormal lowering of body temperature had to be prevented and hence pashmina was introduced. The wool and the texture of the cashmere pashmina gave the required warmth that would otherwise have been obtained from numerous cover of clothing. That was how Pashmina began its journey. Today, trusted and reputable quality pashmina is found in Nepal, with the Chyangra Pashmina considered the highest grade cashmere in the entire world.

Is the pashmina of the right size?

The size of the pashmina is something very important which helps in determining the usage level. The purpose of these pashmina shawls differs based on the size of the shawl. On a run-of-the-mill, a pashmina needs to be a minimum of and around 3 feet in its width and a minimum of 7 feet in length. This may look huge for many but it is purposefully manufactured so. Imagine sporting a gorgeous 3 by 7 foot black pashmina for example.

People out there in the Himalayan region would know the reason behind pashminas being so huge. As a matter-of-fact, such big pashminas are required to remain warm. The long pashminas can be placed around in several layers and the best part of them is that they are weightless.

The usage of pashmina has been shaped based on the trend. The soft textured pashmina has also taken forms to meet the needs of people who live in places other than the cold areas. Pashminas and Wraps typical sells cashmere pashmina shawls with a dimension of 200cm x 70cm with an additional 2cm fringe. But they also sell Italian pashminas with a slightly different size of 177cm x 80cm with an additional 8cm tassel finish.


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