Present Ideas For Wife – The Pashmina

Scouting present ideas for wife? A pashmina could win your lady’s heart!

“Have a smiling wife at home and half your work is done!’’

Being married for over a decade now, finding out new present ideas for wife on every birthday or anniversary has been quite a task! Roses and jewellery do the trick in the initial years, but what after that? Well, like every husband, this issue had been on my mind for quite some time now, with my lady love’s birthday approaching. And then a bit of online searching gave me quite a quirky idea. Pashmina it was!

A shawl or a stole? Has something that small ever made a woman happy? Before you place such queries, let me assure you that a pashmina wrap is not just any random quality material that you get. Bred with the finest wool and after a set of quality checks, this wraparound takes its final shape.

Chances of disappointment? Nil!

Present ideas for wife: An experience with pashmina

Have you ever thought of gifting your lady love a lilac pashmina or a light purple pashmina? Given their soft colour, it can be donned both with gowns and short dresses, and going by my experience, I can surely state that your woman would also enjoy donning one. Though it may seem to be quirky, pashmina makes quite a classy affair!

Are you too planning some present ideas for wife of yours? Well, in case you are choosing pashmina, there are some aspects in advance that you should keep a check on before you make a final choice.

What should you check before getting that pashmina?

Every pashmina is gorgeous; however, to avoid fraudulence, noting certain special aspects is a must!

  • The quality of fibre:

It is not without a reason that pashmina is called ‘soft gold’. So why not treat your wife to a stunning gold pashmina?

It is quite natural to get confused regarding present ideas for wife, however, make sure that you go to professional pashminas sellers or check their credibility online when you are making a choice.

Chances of getting cheated remain though, but with a professional, you will be first assured that it is of the highest quality and only then will it be sold! Gift the woman of your choice the softest piece of cloth! Be sure to check for the origin of the pashmina wrap itself – For true cashmere pashmina, look out for the Chyangra pashmina label – this is the authentic pashmina brand of Nepal.

  • Grade of silk that is used:

Generally, for a 70/30 pashmina, grade quality of silk is placed at a standard 210. However, while you are comparing costs, make sure that you keep this factor in mind. When I was searching for present ideas for wife, I too came across a seller who was offering the pashmina scarf at an extremely low price.

For products that are priced at a lower price, grade quality is generally fixed at 140. But it should be avoided at all costs. Since it is this silk quality that adds an extra sheen to pashmina shawl, so you better be careful!

  • Handmade or artificial:

Trust me! The charm associated with a handmade cashmere pashmina cannot just be compared to its machine made counterpart. You can feel the handmade one by entangling the threads of this garment easily. It is this expertise that depicts the craftsmanship of the original workers.

Finally got present ideas for wife? Well, then visit Pashminas and Wraps today!


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