Cheap Pashminas For Wedding Guests

Cheap pashminas for wedding guests: The best budget friendly gift!

Have you already exceeded your wedding budget and more gifts are yet to buy for the guests? As we all know, weddings in the UK are always grand and one cannot let guests go empty handed. If you are facing this same trouble, then buy cheap pashminas for wedding guests. Don’t confuse the word ‘cheap’ with quality; it is just about price. Pashminas and Wraps affordable high quality Italian pashmina is a prime example of that – High in quality yet just £29.99 and with over 40 colours there is definitely a colour to match your wedding theme!

The beauty of pashmina is spread everywhere around the world. This is one of the finest things on earth regarding looks as well as style. Make everyone happy with the perfect choice of cheap pashminas for wedding guests.

Things to know while choosing the cashmere shawl

There are few things that need to be kept in account while buying pashmina as a gift for guests. This way, not only will you impress everyone arriving at your wedding, but they will also mark the day as ‘best wedding ever.’

  • Select colour of scarf according to the season:

If you are having a June wedding, then make sure you opt for brighter colours like a yellow pashmina, orange pashmina or pashmina to compliment the weather and surroundings.

  • Get the pashmina as per the venue:

Venue of wedding is very important; so, choose cheap pashminas for wedding guests accordingly:

  • Outdoor or Garden: Out under bright, warm sun, makes every wedding look more beautiful. This is why you should opt for a bit floral colors like red, orange, blue, yellow, green, etc.
  • Beach wedding: Roar of waves along sea shore is a melody in itself. And imagine soft pashminas of blue, pearl, cream and white shade wrapped around people. Word that will describe the scenario is ‘stunning.’
  • Indoor wedding: Most indoor weddings are decorated according to a theme.  For example, if it is a peppy theme, wear crisp shades of blue, jade, mauve, peacock green and maroon.
  • Gift according to the theme:

Mostly, in the UK, the themes preferred are elegant and soft. Best way to match with theme is by sticking to neutral or basic colours like a ivory pashmina or white pashmina – you cannot go wrong with these colours.

Turn your wedding day into an everlasting memory of happiness for all with cheap pashminas for wedding guests.

4 fancy ways to gift wrap cheap pashminas for wedding guests

To make the cashmere scarf look more beautiful, know how to gift wrap it. Pashmina being a soft material, it can be rolled and wrapped in many ways. You can take the following ideas:

  • Use a basket:

You can put all the pashmina scarfs in a basket making small individual rolls. This way people can choose the color they want.

  • Use a ring:

A cashmere pashmina is so soft and smooth that the entire shawl can pass through a small ring. But when you are gifting it, use a large sized metallic color ring and put the folded shawl through it.

  • Use a ribbon to tie

This looks simple but is very pretty. You can simply, fold the pashmina and tie it with some contrasting colored ribbon. This will look best for theme weddings.

  • Decorative bag or box

If there is a shortage of time, one can just buy boxes or bags from the market and put pashminas in them.

These are the ways with which you can stay low on your budget and still gift something amazing. Cheap pashminas for wedding guests will make your day even better, brighter and happier.


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