Gifts For Mother’s Day – The Pashmina

Gifts for mother’s day: Pashmina can turn any demure mother to a diva!

‘’Mothers are surely the best creations on planet only if you do not have to gift them!’’

Isn’t getting gifts for mother’s day quite a difficult deal? Well, every year with mother’s day approaching, it becomes quite tough to match up to those expectations of my mother. The pressure arises on a mental level every time she surprises me with some unique gift that refreshes my memories for a lifetime! Doesn’t your mother do it with you as well?

Taking cue from her, this year I decided on refreshing her memories via mother’s day gifts. Years back, my father had gifted her a cashmere pashmina that she still holds very dear to her. Hence, I decided on gifting her, a cashmere shawl  this mother’s day and that is where my scouting started!

You too can check out certain aspects before gifting your mother the fantastic pashmina scarf!

Gifts for mother’s day: Pashminas come in such varieties!

Oh heavens! Did you even have the remotest idea that pashmina shawl came in such colours? Be it the colours or the quality, in either way, choosing out a pashmina wrap was truly quite a task! Don’t lose heart! If there is one thing that is completely noteworthy about pashminas, it is that you would never be lost for a choice. In fact, I can surely state that I was overwhelmed by the various qualities of pashminas that came in my hand and their unique set of colours!

Well, here are some of the factors that should be taken care of when options associated with pashminas are explored. You too must keep these ideas in mind!

  • Quality of the pashminas:

Normally, as you would know, pashmina is made of cashmere wool and it is this breeding quality of the thread that matters. However, Italian pashminas are also a great option if you are searching for gifts for mother’s day. After all, which mother would not like a silken pashmina to drape her gown?

I decided on a silk infused pashmina for my mother and trust me; it was totally worth the money! However, as a word of suggestion, it is best that you stay away from Italian pashminas since they are best used for decorative purposes!

  • Colour schemes of pashminas:

This is another aspect that you should be careful about. In case you are searching for a 100% pure pashmina, bright colours as yellow, orange, turquoise and mint green do the trick! For my mother, I got a begonia pink cashmere pashmina that she absolutely adores.

Also, for other pashmina colours, classic colours as a royal blue pashmina or silver pashmina are better options. Does it not solve your issues of gifts for mother’s day to quite an extent? Hang on! There’s more to it!

Well, choosing pashminas is not all! There are more facets to it that should be checked out!

Gifting a pashmina: Styles decoded!

Did you have an idea that a single gift of pashmina could result in such a variety of emotions and secrets being disclosed?  Trust me! Searching for gifts for mother’s day is not as difficult as you may think! Rather, with such a gift, you can get to explore that other unique side of your mother.

So, present your mother a piece and see the magic being unfolded!

  • Single shoulder drop:

A medium sized earring with a one-shoulder gown is the perfect set-up for taking a pashmina in style. As one of the best gifts for mother’s day, your mom can also fold it in a half-vertical manner, and take other side of this shawl from the back and hang it!

  • Knotty affairs:

If pashmina is your choice as one of the gifts for mother’s day then you can surely help your mother with the classic style. The pashmina is to be wrapped around the neck with two ends hanging from the front and after that loose ends should be tied up into a knot and wrapped casually around to give a spiral image! Specifically, in this regard pashminas of vermillion, dark pink, ivory and gold with a soft coloured gown is the best option in this case!

  • Belt style:

For all those days when your mother may just not feel the urge to dress herself up, you can suggest her, this style of wearing the pashmina. This gifted garment piece can be worn around her gown and let the loose end hang just like that! Trust me! You could see your mother turn into a diva! I am talking from personal experience!

  • Cape style:

This is the style that my mother actually tried out at the Christmas party and I have never seen her look so gorgeous before! She wore the shawl in a vertical manner and the ends were taken and placed down from the neck, finally placing a brooch on the loose ends. Next Christmas, you too should try this out on your mommy darling as well!

So, what have you decided regarding gifts for mother’s day? Well, as a pashmina gift brought out the other side of my mother; you too could bring out your mother’s quirky side! Shop the perfect colour pashmina today at Pashminas and Wraps – Luxury Pashmina Shawls.


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