How To Wear A Pashmina For A Wedding

Know how to wear a pashmina for a wedding

“Every bride is beautiful and special.” Wedding is that one special day that will mark the beginning of their journey. Therefore, it is crucial for everything to be perfect on that occasion. Usually, the thing that stresses a bride most is in what way they can look beautiful? The easiest way in which they can uplift their wedding aura is just by knowing how to wear wedding shawls.

Pashmina is the Persian word for ‘soft gold,’ this is exactly how it also feels. Soft cashmere made from goat hair is a specimen of fine craftsmanship. Products of pashminas are available in more than 200 colours to choose from that will match any style perfectly.

Know the different ways how to wear a pashmina for a wedding

There are innumerable ways in which pashmina can be styled. That’s because it is such a soft material, that it can be molded and folded easily. Here are some ways in which it can be styled for a wedding:

  • For bride:

Brides in the UK are called to be most beautiful for their elegance on wedding day. A bridal shawl is crafted in a way that it will just add to it. If the bride is wearing an ivory colour gown for her wedding, she can easily pair it up with an ivory pashmina. Or why not get creative and match to a  pink pashmina?

They can also take the bridal shawl according to the theme. For example:

  • If it’s a beach wedding, they should stick to shades of blue, pearl, gold and light green.
  • For a summer or June wedding; best is to stick to colors like bright pink, yellow, orange and bubblegum pink.

How to style a bride with a cashmere pashmina:

  • They can wrap it in the arms from back in vintage style
  • One shoulder drop style also looks amazing
  • For the reception, she can wear it like a poncho
  • For bridesmaid:

Right after the bride, it is their chance to have fun and get all the attention. They can pep up their bridesmaid dresses in no time with a pashmina. All that is needed for those ladies is to know how to wear wedding wraps. The exclusively designed shawl can be used in the following ways:

  • Bridesmaid should wear a pashmina of contrasting colours like a blue pashmina as we as shades of pink or magenta when the bride is wearing ivory or eggshell coloured gown.
  • To make sure that style is maintained in a proper way, match shoes, lip and nail color with pashmina shawl.
  • Bride’s Mother:

It is best for the mother to keep it simple and look graceful. For that, one should absolutely choose a pashmina. How to wear a pashmina for a wedding in case of bride’s mother:

  • Wrap soft color cashmere in a vintage way
  • It can be hanged loose from arms
  • A loose knot wrap around the neck will equally look nice
  • The best is if a broche is added in the attire.
  • For the guests:

It is important that every guest who arrives on that day of happiness doesn’t leave empty handed. A wedding pashmina makes classy gifts that everyone will love. Why not get a selection of colours to give as favours or why not simply keep it close to the theme of your wedding with a white pashmina?

Your ideas of how to wear a pashmina for a wedding can create a style statement making the occasion grander. Have a happy wedding, wrapped in the beauty of cashmere!


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