The Striped Pashmina: Uplifting The Style Quotient

The Striped Pashmina: Uplifting the Style Quotient and the Stature of an Individual

The spectacularly soft pashmina comes in an enormous collection of colours and tend to go well with both the customary and the contemporary people in a similar way. These elegantly well-designed scarves and the astonishingly affectionate shawls have turned out to be an essential component of a good number of women’s wardrobe. In whatever manner it is worn, these ideal and multipurpose shawls give a stylish look and go well with any colour. It can also be worn at any instance, getting nicely adapted to the outfit and the surrounding alike.

One of the most Impressive Patterns of the Pashmina

Modern generation tends to be fond of a pashmina scarf which is plain or absolutely without any design on it. The reason behind this choice could be that these plain pashminas give a perfect look when worn with over-elaborately designed outfits. Apart from these plain coloured shawls, there are some shawls which come in vibrant stripes but you won’t find these on handmade pure cashmere pashmina shawls, only on manufactured shawls, due to the synchronised colours of the stripes that come in different patterns. Some are patterned with the stripes that go down the centre of the shawl and some others are patterned such that the stripes move in a particular path towards one side of the shawl. These stripes form an illusion and also influence the overall appearance of an individual.

The Stripy Shawls…

A striped shawl gives the impression of being different at each instance you wear it. This soft piece of cloth does not get folded the exact way every time and also does not leave the impression of being folded earlier. The softness of the cloth makes it fall into different positions every time you wear it. The stripes overlap on one another and form a unique pattern every time. The vibrant colours coordinate with one another and form different patterns when worn differently.

The Striped Pashmina becomes a Figment of Your Imagination

These long-running stripes on the cosy pashmina bring about the fantasy of having a slim as well as a tall look. This idea of giving a slimmer look can be achieved just by having these striped pashminas worn on your shoulder such that it hangs equally on the front and the back. It can also be worn on the back and above the arms. These vertical stripes distract from having a horizontal view of an individual and give an impression of being slim… a bit like a black pashmina would.

Getting wrapped in energetic colours like a yellow pashmina or coral pashmina can be great but sometimes a multi coloured striped pashmina unified with tantalising needlework creates variation can highlight an outfit just as much. The appropriate needlework adds the ideal tone to the outfit. The mishmash of colours and conventional pattern distinguishes the legacy of Pashmina in a contemporary and agreeable manner. 

The dramatic effect of the pashmina is due to the correct fusion of inexplicably striped panel with the panels that remain unadorned. It does not signify that all pashminas with a fusion of dark and pale shades of panels are eye-catching. There are pashmina shawls which begin with a pale shade of a colour on one side of the shawl and gradually move to the other side, showing a darker shade of the colour. Say for example if you took a blue pashmina and blended it into a navy pashmina to create an ombre effect.

There are no limitations in designing a pashmina but a striped one, in specific, is just the thing that would be required to give every woman a stroke of style and grace.


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