Present ideas For Her – Get Creative With A Pashmina

Some fantastic ideas to turn pashminas into perfect present ideas for her!

Being in a relationship surely has its perks! What about the unique disadvantages? Searching out present ideas for her is definitely one of them! Roses and orchids? Done in the initial days! Diamonds and rubies? Not always affordable! It was one of these brain-wracking sessions online that gave me some unique ideas for my girl!

Pashmina was the cover for all my piercing doubts! Wait! Are you thinking how a simple stole can actually make up a day for your lady? Well, let me tell you, friend, no woman enjoys anything more in the world than a sweet little thing wrapped and gifted in a unique manner! A pashmina shawl is exactly such a thing that would help you get that smile on her face you have been longing to see.

What’s more? You surely have not gifted it to her before? Saves you the brain scouting job for a couple of birthdays and first-times!

How pashmina can be turned into one of the best present ideas for her?

If you are even contemplating whether pashminas can actually replace the magic of jewellery then trust me, it is a must try! This comes from the mouth of the experienced horse!

How about a DIY basket? No, it is not that dry as you may think!  You can decorate jute basket with pink ribbons and attach a pink pashmina or purple pashmina rolled to it. Inside it, you can place a bottle of red wine along with few dark chocolates wrapped in a cashmere pashmina, maybe a contrast coral one? Yes! It was a dual coloured pashmina package that I had gifted to my lady-love and she completely loved it!

This is definitely one of the best present ideas for her! You can also try it out!

Other gift ideas that are in the pipeline

There are multiple ideas that can be set up with pashminas to impress your lady-love. Why don’t you take a peek?

• A pashmina covered flower vase:

If your girl is the artsy type then gifting a porcelain vase wrapped in pure cashmere pashmina is a great option. After checking online, you can get this idea as to how a silver vase can be wrapped in lilac pashmina, and it could be used both for home décor and wrapping yourself up in chilly winters!

• A DIY box full of goodies:

Other unique present ideas for her that you can try out in recent times. If your lady loves candles and goodies, then you can present her a fantastic gift by wrapping up a box with heart shaped small cardboard pendants. Within it comes a white pashmina full of trinkets and milk chocolates!

With the unfolding of a pashmina, the goodies will just keep falling on her. Quite romantic, isn’t it? You can surely try this out!

• A date with pashminas:

This is one gift that you can keep for a special day! By welcoming your love to the lounge, you can have your sofa set draped in coral pashmina for her to sit. Along with that, you can gift her a basket of colourful pashminas to drape. This is a plan that I tried out on my girlfriend for her 25th birthday, and she was gushing about it before her friends! You must try!

Don’t they make lovely present ideas for her? If you want to apply these fab ideas, visit websites of reputed sellers of a pashmina and choose from the wide variety now!    


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